Get Involved

For undergraduate students

There are ample opportunities for undergraduate students to become involved in our research lab! Currently, research internships are for credit through PSYCH 480 or PSYC 580. Interns can expect to devote 3 semester hours per week (which amounts to 9 hours of lab work, plus 1-hour lab meeting, a total of 10 hours per week).

Lab tasks/duties include:

  • Data entry
  • Telephone screening of participants
  • Social media outreach involvement 
  • Scheduling participants
  • Representing the lab in events on campus
  • Participating in the advertisement of research studies 
  • Collaborating in dissertations from graduate students
  • Data management 
  • Assisting with manuscript and grant preparation

Research interns are also welcome to come up with their own research projects and obtain mentorship in its development! Past undergraduate students who have worked under Dr. Forbush's supervision have been accepted into top clinical psychology, counseling psychology and neuroscience graduate schools, including Northwestern University, University of Missouri - Kansas City, University of Iowa, University of Toronto, Loyola University, University of Illinois - Urbana Champaign, Brandeis University and the University of Chicago.

For future graduate students

We welcome potential graduate students interested in the KU Clinical Psychology PhD program to contact Dr. Kelsie Forbush directly for further details on training, research opportunities, and lab availability.